Tooth-Friendly Snacks for Kids: Healthy Choices for Strong Teeth

When strolling through the grocery store, it is hard for your children to avoid the tempting junk food options that lie on the shelves. The biggest is that most of these snacks contain significant amounts of sugar that make them extremely unhealthy for the teeth. For your child’s good oral and overall health, making healthy food choices from the beginning is important. 

If you have kids and are struggling to find snacks that do not ruin their teeth, you may be happy to know that there are various options out there. Instead of scolding your child for eating unhealthy, consult a pediatric dentist in Mitchell, SD, for an expert opinion. Meanwhile, here are some tooth-friendly snacks that you can serve your kids. 

Dentist-approved snacks that won’t ruin your kid’s teeth 

  • Fresh carrots, apples, and celery. 

Not only do these nutritious vegetables and fruits are delicious in taste, but they also provide a crunchy texture that kids love to munch on. In addition to the nutrition, your children do not have to complain about bland and boring food and can enjoy these items during their snacking time. They also provide several dental benefits. For example, when your child munches on these items, their firmness scrapes the teeth and promotes oral hygiene. 

  • Cheese and other dairy goods. 

Cheese, milk, yogurt, curd, and other dairy goods contain the most important mineral for teeth and jawbone health, and that is calcium. Every child loves cheese on pizzas, sandwiches, nuggets, etc. However, there are several types of cheese that you can serve standalone without incorporating unhealthy items. 

Yogurt contains probiotics which increase the growth of good bacteria in your mouth and limits bad bacteria. This promotes good oral health. 

  • Hummus. 

Most parents often overlook the goodness of hummus. Hummus comes in a variety of flavors, so your child can choose the one they like the most. Instead of serving hummus with chips, encourage your kids to eat it with celery sticks, carrots, and apples. Serving hummus with unsalted oatcakes is also a great idea. 

  • Nuts of all kinds. 

Nuts are a popular snack to be eaten between meals. They contain various nutrients and have a crunch that people of all ages love, including children. Almonds and peanuts are rich in calcium, and peanuts also contain Vitamin D, which complements calcium. 

  • Fluoridated water or tea. 

Fluoride is important for your child’s oral health. Fluoride water helps remineralize the enamel on your child’s teeth and regain its lost strength naturally. This makes their teeth more strong and cavity-resistant. If you do not have access to fluoride water, ask your dentist about other fluoride supplementations.