Can Herbal Extracts Take The Place Of Modern Medicine?

If you have been introduced to the world of herbal extracts, you already know the highly beneficial aspects some of them have to offer. Understanding the place of herbal extracts and whether they can be used in place of modern medicine is useful knowledge. This post will shed some light on how quality herbal extracts can improve the life you are living and also talk about how it stands up to modern medicine.

Main Differences Between Herbal Extracts and Modern Drugs

#1: While a lot of modern drugs originated from herbal extracts, they are now mostly made synthetically. Herbal extracts are just that, extracts taken from herbal plants and shrubs. With herbal medicines, some diseases and illnesses can be treated while there are modern drugs available for most diseases now.

#2: Herbal extract products will usually use the whole of the plant in question, or the part that has the most active ingredients. With organic Rhodiola extracts, a manufacturer will use the roots of the plant called RhodiolaRosea, which is the part that has the most active ingredients in it. With modern medicines, only very selective use of active ingredients is made to ensure the particular medicine itself is highly effective.

#3: With herbal extracts, it is best to use them for their preventive action. For example, if you use a Rhodiola liquid extract product, which is known for being great for tiredness and fatigue, consuming one dose every day will fetch great results.

Modern medicines though are mostly prescribed when patients are already afflicted with a disease or illness. For instance, if you have a headache, you will take a painkiller after you get the symptoms of a headache.

#4: Herbal extracts are considered an alternative form of treatment for diseases in the modern world. Though they have been around for centuries, it is still a good idea to talk to a health practitioner before you use them regularly. For modern medicines too, it is best to use them after speaking to a doctor.

Cure Yourself with Herbal Extracts 

Pure extracts from nature can have a wholly different effect on the body than modern medicines. It is fascinating what ancient knowledge can do to your body and mind. While some extracts are great for getting rid of fatigue, others are wonderful to decrease the stresses of the mind. It is always a smart idea to buy from a trusted manufacturer that pays attention to quality control. Also, always buy non-alcoholic versions of herbal extracts because they are much better to use for the long term.


Both herbal extracts and modern medicines have their own roles to play. It is best not to exchange one for the other. As people look inwards and try to go back to their roots, many of them are veering towards quality herbal products that improve the life they are living. At Hawaii Pharm, get your supply of high-quality herbal extracts and tinctures from various parts of the world. The company sells online and is one of the most well-known for the kind of work they have done in the industry.