Worried about getting a tooth extracted? Check these tips!

Your dentist has suggested extracting an infected tooth. Like anyone else, you now have anxiety and are worried whether the process will hurt. There are two types of tooth extractions. The first one is a simple extraction, which involves rocking the tooth and removing it using forceps. Surgical extractions, on the other hand, are often more complicated. Before you visit an Omaha dental practice for the procedure, here are some quick tips to ease your dental anxiety.

Know what to expect

While tooth extractions are scary, knowing the procedure always comes in handy. You can talk to your dentist about your concerns and what you can expect about the process and discuss the possible risks. Knowing the facts will ensure that you are confident enough to sit in that chair.

Ask your dentist about sedation

Your dentist will use local anesthesia while extracting a tooth, but you can also ask about oral conscious sedation. With oral conscious sedation, you can relax better and will be drowsy during the procedure. There is also the option of nitrous oxide or laughing gas, which can calm a patient down. The eventual goal is to feel at ease, for which the dentist will discuss all options.

Listen to your dentist

Before the extraction, your dentist will share post-surgery/extraction instructions, and if you adhere to these things, you are less likely to suffer from complications. Ensure you don’t use a straw and avoid smoking for at least a while. Continue following the dietary advice, which will usually include soft foods.

Play some music

Your dentist may recommend that you listen to some music during the procedure, which can help calm your mind. Consider getting a pair of wireless headphones that won’t interfere with the work of your dentist. You can also listen to podcasts or an audiobook that will keep you distracted.

Bring someone along

Having a friend or family member sitting with you in the clinic can help you ease your mind. You may also want to have someone drive you back home as you may feel some pain after the procedure. Ensure that you have a person you can trust for support.

Unless necessary, your dentist will not suggest getting a tooth extracted. There are many ways to fix most dental concerns, and if you have a deep cavity, you may have to go for RCT. An extraction is all about how you trust your dental expert and relax your mind.