Silicium Is the Solution for The Best Hair Care and Bone Care

Studies have shown that almost 12 to 13% of the earth’s crust is made of silicium. Next to oxygen, silicium stands in the second place in the world of abundantly present compounds on earth. It is present in almost every part of the earth including in the plants and animals. In humans, silicium is an important component for the healthy maintenance of bone and cartilage, and also hair follicles.

In the human body, silicium is present in a major percentage. It is produced naturally in the human body in many tissues such as bone, cartilage, connective tissues, scalp region, nail area, and so on. Hence, even a slight defect in their production will result in damaged hair follicles, brittle nails, wrinkling of the skin, and so on. Hence, it should be supplemented from the possible outer sources.

Fortisil is one of the many components that serve as the best source of silicium for the human body. These compounds are rich in silicium and other required components for the body. Hence, taking these supplements under the guidance of the physician before starting the cycle. You can buy Fortisil capsules online by visiting some authentic destinations.

Importance of Silica 

When a person reaches the age of 25, their body homeostasis will start reducing the production of both the elastin and collagen fibres. In the initial stages, this condition will not be noticed. However, when the person reaches the age of 30, their body will show the symptoms of the defective production of silicium in many ways such as,

  • Skin wrinkling, dryness
  • Breakout of acne and rashes
  • Hair fall, damage, and also split ends
  • Brittle teeth
  • Pain in the joints and cartilaginous regions

When you notice these symptoms, it is understood that there is not enough production of collagen and elastin fibre in your body. This should be rectified as early as possible and the best way to do so is with the help of the right silicium supplements. One such source of silicium is Fortisil OSA“. 

Benefits of Silicium to the Body 

Many studies on some bone diseases such as osteomalacia, osteoporosis, fractures, etc., and some other issues are caused because of the brittle bones, and also the deficiency of calcium and iron in the bones. These issues cannot be treated just with calcium therapy and require the help of some other sources. It is when the Fortisil OSAcapsules and powder are of great help.

Fortisil capsules are made with silicium as one of the many ingredients and these can help in the treatment of many bones, skin, hair, and nail issues. They supply the required amounts of silicium to the body which will then work on rectifying all the problems of skin, nail, teeth, and hair conditions.

Fortisil OSAis the best solution for people that are looking to provide silicium to the body from an external source. These medications are suggested for people that have crossed the age of 30 and need help. Apart from these tablets, silicium is supplemented to the body from other sources such as fruits, vegetables, sprouts, and so on.