7 Different Types of Acne Problems

Experiencing tiny bumps or pimples that appear on the face and seem to blow out of proportion in no time? Yes, you are now prone to acne! This might cause confusion and distress. How to deal with it? Will home remedies work? What kind of acne are you experiencing? Can it be treated and so many more questions are probably hovering over your head. 

Acne can be an intimidating issue but rest assured it can be treated. However, you must avoid generalized treatments in the market at all costs. Everyone’s skin type is different; therefore, consider availing of services that provide you a personalized skin treatment. 

Most professional services recommend a treatment for you after diagnosing acne and looking at your individual case.  For instance, the acne treatment at Clinicare provides free consultation post which you can choose the most apt treatment for you. 

You cannot determine what treatment you should opt for unless you know which kind of acne you are experiencing. Here, we have attempted to collate the widely known 5 kinds of acne.

1] Blackheads

Caused by clogged pores; blackheads get their title because they appear as dark spots in your skin. When the clogs of oil and skin cells are open to the air and exposed to oxygen, they change their color. Blackheads are non-inflammatory so they do not cause any swelling or infection and contrary to popular belief, they are not associated with hygiene. 

2] Whiteheads 

These are similar to blackheads but unlike them, the clogged pores in this case gets covered by a layer of skin and develops pus within, which gives it the white shade. Popping these pimples might be irresistible but avoid it at all costs since it will only lead to triggering more. 

3] Papules

The typical breakouts are called papules. When a pore is clogged; building of pressure ruptures the walls of the pore and spreads widely across the skin. 

4] Pustules

Pimples that are filled with pus and look like whiteheads ringed with redness and swelling are called pustules.

5] Nodules

Found deep within the skin, the nodules are large and painful. Dealing with the breakouts before they start is ideal way to tackle nodules. 

Apart from these, cysts and milia are occasionally observed acne issues.  Face, forehead, chest, shoulders and upper back are the common spots impacted by acne. Despite sounding exasperating; when adhered to in time; acne turning into a major issue can easily be avoided.