Oxymetalone – muscles in a short time

OXYMETALON is thought to have been created in 1960, when its mass production began. The steroid was originally prescribed for the treatment of anaemia when other drugs did not work. Later, more effective drugs were created, and Oxymetalon migrated to sports.

With the help of the drug it is possible to gain a lot of weight in a short period of time. On average, the gain is up to half a dozen kilograms per course. Keep in mind that it will not only be muscles. After taking the drug, estrogen and progesterone receptors are influenced, which leads to accumulation of water in large quantities. At the same time, collagen synthesis in the ligaments and joints is increased. Given the accumulation of water, the musculoskeletal system in general begins to work better.

How to Take Oxymetalone?

It is the only anabolic that can help you gain muscle mass while following a diet and doing intensive training. The dosage of Oxyndrol 50 mg is adjusted according to the athlete’s weight. Daily intake of 1-2 mg of the drug per kilogram of weight is sufficient. As a result, one to four tablets per day will be needed. Initially 50 mg per day should be taken, after a week the dose should be doubled. In the third week, athletes weighing more than 100 kg can increase the daily dosage to 150 mg, but such a dosage should not be used for longer than three weeks. At the end of the course, we recommend to continue taking other preparations in order to fix the weight gained. Five to six weeks of treatment should be sufficient to put on 10 kilograms.

Increasing the dosage to 300 mg on its own does not lead to water retention. Increased dosage may, however, lead to adverse effects.

Effect of use

After taking Oxyndrol 50 mg, water is stored in muscle tissues, which makes the muscles more massive. During this period, it is possible to increase training intensity because the liquid has a positive effect on the locomotor apparatus. The action of the product is very fast; the muscle mass increases by 2-7 kg in 14 days. This is why OXYMETALON is used by weightlifters. Bodybuilders use it before competitions during the drying period.

The appearance of venousness makes the relief more pronounced, and when the body is dehydrated, such an effect cannot be achieved. Thanks to anabolic, the number of red blood cells increases as the level of the hormone erypropoietin increases. After taking the drug, the bodybuilder almost immediately begins to feel his muscles increase. In addition, weight gain occurs due to the fact that the anabolic improves appetite. The effects after taking Oxymethalone are:

  • an increase in strength performance;
  • burning of subcutaneous fat;
  • an increase in muscle tissue volume;
  • an increase in red blood cell count;
  • an increase in appetite;
  • an increase in venous return.

Taking high doses burns fat, especially that which accumulates in the abdominal area. In this case, there is a reduction in the volume of accumulated fluid, so the anabolic acts as a fat burner. Notably, while taking Oxyndrol 50 mg, globulin levels decrease, which helps to enhance the effects of other steroid drugs.

Oxymetalone (Oxyndrol) Side Effects

Before you buy Oxymetalon, every athlete will wonder if it is possible to experience any unwanted effects after taking steroids. Oxyndrol has been found to be almost harmless and effectively tolerated by the body. Its harmful effects have not been proven by any study.

All adverse reactions after its use are due to anabolic overdosing or a strongman having a unique intolerance to the active ingredients. Some of the unpleasant effects include:

  • Oestrogenic activity, which is reduced by taking a course of post-course therapy;
  • Water accumulation in the body;
  • Acne and acne;
  • Loss of hair on the head.