Is Cosmetic Dental Bonding Treatment Suitable for You?

Cosmetic dental treatments help in treating flaws like discolored, chipped, and misaligned teeth. These issues lead to insecurities and a lack of confidence among people. The treatment helps in providing a confidence boost to the patient by enhancing the aesthetic and beauty of their smile. Cosmetic dental bonding by a cosmetic dentist in Shelby Charter Township is one of the most preferred tooth restoration methods. It helps in hiding dental imperfections. 

People considering cosmetic dental bonding can consult with a dentist to check if they are suitable for the process. 

Cosmetic Dental Bonding -An Overview

Cosmetic dental bonding is a dental restorative process that helps hide dental imperfections and improve the overall look of your teeth. This does not take much time; the patient can get it done by visiting the clinic once or twice. 

The procedure of cosmetic dental bonding involves the usage of malleable resin. It is made to match the color of the patient’s teeth. If the patient has discolored or stained teeth, the resin is lightened to a brighter shade for the treatment. The teeth undergo the procedure of cleaning and preparation with the help of chemical solutions. The solution is applied to the teeth with the help of a brush so that the surface becomes porous. It provides a strong with this so that the bonding between the teeth and the material remains good. 

After tooth preparation, the reason used for dental bonding is placed on the teeth, and the shaping is done accordingly. It helps in achieving the required look. Heat is used for hardening the resin after it is shaped in the desired way. In the end, it goes through polishing for the Final effect. 

Suitability for cosmetic dental bonding

Only candidates suitable for the process have gums in proper health conditions.  Along with that, the candidate must have teeth in good condition, which only requires appearance improvement. Flaws like shaping, sizing, and discoloration of the teeth can be cured by cosmetic dental bonding.  

If the patient has a mild or severe case of discoloration, it can be cured by dental bonding. The resin utilized in the treatment can be lightened depending on the patient’s requirement. 

Individuals with improperly shaped or pointed teeth can also get correction through dental bonding so that the overall appearance of their teeth can be enhanced. Gaps and spaces in the teeth can also be cured and filled through dental bonding. Chipped and fractured teeth are restored through bonding, which helps prevent significant damage to the teeth.