Briefing the Difference between White Tea and Green Tea

Green and white tea drinks have many similarities, but there are some difference as well. The prime similarity is that both are forms of tea. They are derived from the same species of the plant, thus have similar qualities and both possess a few unique qualities too. Their distinct characters make them a trendy and healthy drink. 

Krave Wellness, a website promoting healthy habits has stated in detail about white tea vs green tea pros and cons. Their blogs help to boost up physical and mental fitness by including natural compounds in daily diet. Hence, many people have benefited by reading detailed information about white tea and green tea positive qualities through their websites. If you are planning to enjoy healthy drinks then these tea are suitable remedy for many ailments. 

White tea:

  • Originally the tea belongs to China however in the recent years it is grown in many hilly countries like Nepal.  
  • The process to dry the leaves is minimal thus you get to enjoy the raw tea leaves benefits. 
  • The fresh youngest leaves of the plant with the buds are used to make the tea. 
  • The most powerful benefit is that it possesses low proportions of caffeine. 
  • The color of the tea leaves is white or light greenish in color. 
  • It has fruity taste and when brewed. Some even say it tastes like apple and some feel it has a flavor of hay. 
  •  The tea when brewed has a slight yellowish color that looks beautiful when poured into a glass mug. 
  • It is a lighter drink and mellows your mood.

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Green tea:

  • It is the gift of China to the world however at present green tea is grown in many Asian countries too.
  • The leaves aren’t oxidized but are mostly pan-fried. In some places, the tea leaves are steamed and even their shape is different. They are pressed flat to make the leaves appear in needle-like shape. Some leaves remain curled. 
  • Both have low caffeine and moderate caffeine possessing green tea types. 
  • Some are brewed to golden yellowish color. The tea drink looks light greenish when the tea leaves are steeped in hot water. 
  • The taste is robust and stronger than the white tea flavor

The popularity of green tea is more compared to white tea. It is because its health benefits are widely known by uncountable people. People seeking body fitness always strive to taste different kinds of green tea to boost their health and loose body weight. However, according to expert dieticians white tea has more antioxidants compared to green tea, thus quite beneficial. 

Health benefits enjoyed while drinking white tea or green tea:

  • Cardiovascular health boosts up. 
  • Prevents aging process 
  • It lowers bad cholesterol. 
  • Can prevent the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. 
  • Aids weight loss. 
  • Best liquor for maintaining physical fitness and keeps energy intact. 

People troubled with obesity prefer to have green tea as it contains more caffeine. Other than these differences both are highly beneficial for health. Hence, you can pick your tea to enjoy healthy life.