Reasons Why Your Gums Feel Itchy 

Maintaining gum health is not challenging. However, you never know when your gums might catch a bacterial infection or reaction. Itchy gums might be symptoms of underlying gum disease. Depending on the period you have been experiencing the itchiness in your gums, you must visit a Fairfield, ME family dentistry as soon as possible. Taking any discomfort or pain in your gums can result in complicated dental health issues, which might even make you lose your teeth. So it is better to take expert advice and treatment for the best result on your oral hygiene. 

Consulting a dentist will help you understand why itchy and irritated gums. The dentist will also guide you on the dos and don’ts to get the best treatment results and heal your gum disease quickly. 

Reasons why your gums feel itchy 

  • Formation of Plaque 

If you do not brush your teeth regularly, you will notice a lot of plaque forming on them. Bacteria form the plaque on your teeth, increasing after consuming every meal. Not cleaning your teeth regularly increases the number of bacteria present on your teeth and affects the health of your teeth and gums in the long term. 

The bacteria’s presence causes diseases like gingivitis, tooth decay, cavities, etc. If you are not habitually cleaning your teeth every day, the bacteria formed on your teeth can irritate your gum tissues, resulting in itchiness. 

If you experience itchiness in your gum due to an irregular brushing routine and continue to do so, you might develop pain and discomfiting gum health diseases. 

  • Allergic reaction due to food 

If you are allergic to specific food and consume it by mistake, or you might not be aware of your allergy, one of the initial symptoms can be itchiness in your gums. However, if the discomfort continues to increase, you must call the emergency room immediately, as it can result in life-threatening situations if not treated on time. 

  • Hormonal changes 

The hormonal change also plays a vital role in your role health. According to a report, women show more changes in their dental formation due to frequent hormonal imbalances in their bodies. This can result in their gums being more sensitive sometimes; however, this is entirely normal, and the itching should stop in a few days. 

But if the sensitivity lasts for a long and starts creating oral discomfort, you must not take it lightly. Immediately seek dental help for our dentist and ensure everything is alright or not. If you are detected with gum disease, your dentist can recommend treatment to heal it as soon as possible.