Contact Lenses And Glasses: An Entire Guide For First-Time Users

It generally takes practice and time when you are just learning to drive the car or ride a bike. This same thing is applicable in the case of contact lenses and glasses. However, glasses are very much easy to use. Every person who is suffering from some vision problems can visit the doctor and quickly wear glasses. But adjusting with every rule of contact lens can also be very frustrating. But if you got habituated with the rules, it will be very easy to see why so many persons around the universe choose these contract lenses. Here in this blog, we provide some guidelines for the starter to get a clear and proper idea of what is in this store for you.

Generally, the advice covers both hard and soft contacts and extended and regular wears lenses, though the suggestion of care will vary depending on the type of lenses you are using. With the usage of these glasses & contacts, you can get a new and trendy look also.

You should not avoid your eye problems, you have to visit the eye specialists as soon as possible, and they will guide you properly and suggest you the glasses if needed. With glasses, you will want to discover how to clean them appropriately. And it will help only if you have the glasses case and put them in when you are not using them.

Here We Are Giving The Step-By-Step Guidance To Wear This Lens:

  • At first, you have to wash your hands with soap & water thoroughly, decreasing the chances of eye infection. An ophthalmology group advises staying away from the soap, which usually contains some extra oils for fragrance, as soap can also stick to the main surface of the lens.
  • Dry the hands properly with a tissue or cloth so that the particles do not wind up floating around in both or one of your eyes.
  • Stand over the flat, clean surface while handling the lenses. If you are over the sink, be sure about plugging the drain.
  • Always put the 1st contact in the same eye, either the left or right. This can keep you from mixing up the left and right eye contact with different measurements and power.
  • Please remove one of the contacts from the storage case. After that, minutely slide it into the hand. Use your fingertips to handle this lens.
  • If you drop the lens, rinse it with a proper solution again before wearing it again.
  • Have to keep your upper eyelid open with the non-writing hand when looking at the mirror. Hold the down lid with the ring or middle figure of the writing hands.
  • Then put the lens on your eye. If you can set the lens correctly, you have to feel comfortable & your vision should be clear. But if you face some eye problem or the image becomes blurry, you will need to take this out and reinsert it properly.


The eyes are a valuable part of our body. If you face any problem, you have to visit the doctor immediately and maintain their guidelines. Whether you want to use the glasses or contacts, you can get many websites to choose some attractive glasses & contacts for your according to your face.