Why Should You Buy Northern Light Feminized Seeds?

Northern light feminized seeds are one of the oldest and most popular strains of cannabis. Everyone knows this name, whether a newbie or an experienced cannabis user. This strain first came to the market in the 1980s, and since then, it has established itself as a well-known strain in the world. It is well known for being resilient and high-yielding.

Whether you are a weed entrepreneur or a recreational cultivator, these seeds are the perfect strain to grow. If you are still not impressed, then here are some reasons why you should buy and grow Northern Light Feminized seeds.

1- High Yield

Northern Light Feminized seeds produce plants that have an exceptionally high yield. This plant can be grown inside and outside, and the yield will vary depending upon where you grow it.

However, the minimum you can get is still around 17oz./ meter square indoors. You can get up to 21oz./ meter square, if you grow it outdoors. With proper care and the right conditions, this strain produces compact buds with good resin production. 

2- High THC concentration

The Northern Light Feminized strain has a relatively high TCH concentration ranging from 14% to 18%. It also has about 2% CBD content. This combination makes it great for falling asleep. 

3- Great for both indoor and outdoor cultivation

Northern Light Feminized is a great strain for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. In fact, a lot of people cultivate it throughout the year by keeping the plants indoors for the vegetative stage and outdoors for the flowering stage. This way, you can get multiple harvests throughout the year. You can buy bulk Northern Light Feminised seeds online for this purpose.

4- It can be cultivated throughout the year

As mentioned above, this strain grows well both indoors and outdoors. However, if you use indoor and outdoor cultivation to your advantage, you can get multiple harvests each year and get a continuous supply of Northern Light.

It is best to germinate and cultivate the plants indoors in the winter, and by the spring, you can take them outdoors to encourage a higher yield overall. You can start a new batch of plants during this time and let them grow in the vegetative stage indoors, then continue the cycle again. 

5- Has medicinal qualities

This strain of cannabis is perfect for anxiety and stress relief. It can also help relieve pain and help you fall asleep easily. Additionally, when you smoke Northern light, it can stimulate your appetite and make you feel more motivated. Many cannabis users say that they use this strain for its medicinal properties.

6- No male flowers
The northern Light Feminized seeds will grow exclusively female plants. While it is possible to get a few plants with hermaphrodite qualities, it is rare. This means you don’t have to worry about unwanted pollination with this strain of cannabis. 

To sum it up

Northern Light Feminized is one of the most famous strains. It is exceptionally flavoured with pine, citrus, sweetness, and spice notes. It gives the user a calming and euphoric effect and allows users to fall into a deep sleep afterwards.

Whether you are planning to grow it for yourself or have a cannabis business, this is one of the strains that will benefit you. Buy bulk Northern Light Feminized online from United Strains of America today to get started.