What Are the Pros and Cons of TMS Therapy?

If you are dealing with mental health problems for quite some time, you might have definitely given a try to different medications and therapies. Most of them may not be effective when it comes to showing results. If you are planning to try TMS therapy, but are not sure about the benefits and drawbacks of TMS, you have visited the right page today. There are so many treatment centers in the US, where you can find this treatment. 

However, there is no guarantee that all of them offer the best treatment to their patients. Hence, it is important to read the reviews online before making any decision. You could check the websites of various reputed treatment centers in the US, to find the best treatment center. For TMS Therapy Orange County TMS, you could choose AMFM. The main advantage of choosing this treatment center is, they have the best staff. Get in touch with their team once online, to get an idea about their treatment. 


  • When it comes to TMS therapy, most people don’t experience any kind of side effects. Some people may experience a slight headache at the beginning when using the medications. However, this goes away within a day or two. If this doesn’t go away, contact a doctor immediately. 
  • The success rate of this treatment is very high, which is why most people choose this treatment for mental health problems. Check online and you will find a lot of success stories on this.
  • TMS therapy differs from other medicine-based treatments because its results are long-lasting. This differs from drugs, which must be used for the rest of one’s life or risk recurrence and discontinuation syndrome. According to studies, 90 percent of people benefit from TMS for at least a year.
  • No anesthesia is required for this treatment. TMS does not necessitate sedation or anesthesia. After and before the therapy, patients can go about their regular activity as usual. This means, you can drive back to your home post the treatment happily. You can get back to your work as usual without any worries post the treatment. 
  • TMS therapy is very effective in terms of showing results. While pharmaceutical antidepressants can be beneficial for certain people, only roughly one out of every three people will respond to them. TMS therapy, on the other hand, has more chances of showing effective results. 


  • You may experience little discomfort during or post the treatment. Due to this, you may experience mild headaches, and this goes away within 24hrs mostly. Discuss with your therapist about it to avoid it.
  • If you think that anyone can try TMS therapy, you are mistaken. People with certain health conditions must stay away from this treatment. Contact your therapist to know whether TMS therapy is right for you. People with brain tumors and seizures must stay away from TMS therapy. Otherwise, they may experience some serious complications. 
  • TMS therapy might cost you more if you don’t have insurance. 

Contact the best treatment center in your location today for TMS therapy!