What’s Root Canal Procedure? Check This Easy Guide!

Simply known as RCT, root canal therapy is an endodontic procedure. If the inside of a tooth is affected by infection or decay, your dentist may recommend the procedure to save the tooth. People often have unfounded fears about root canal therapy, primarily because they believe that the process could be extremely painful. When you visit a Salina family dentist, they can guide you on the pros and cons of choosing RCT over extraction, and for your help, we have shared an overview below.

Reasons to consider root canal therapy

There are general symptoms that you may experience if you have decay or infection in a tooth. These symptoms include extreme sensitivity to cold and hot foods, toothache, tenderness, and an abscess on the gums. If your dentist finds decay has impacted the pulp inside the tooth, they will recommend that you go for root canal therapy to prevent the need for an extraction. You may also have to agree to RCT if you have an injured tooth.

Procedure explained

Your dentist will suggest the treatment plan; it takes at least two or more appointments to complete the root canal procedure. The first step is to create an access opening, through which the dentist will work on the pulp with the help of root canal files. The files are used to remove the pulp, bacteria, and nerve tissues inside the tooth. The tooth is then cleaned and sealed with a filling. You may need to get a crown to ensure full functionality is restored. You may feel some pain immediately after, but the root canal procedure is done under local anesthesia, which means there is rarely any discomfort. Between two appointments, the dentist will use a temporary filling.

Benefits of root canal procedure

Firstly, a root canal procedure is done to save the natural tooth. If your dentist believes there is a minor chance that an extraction can be avoided, they will consider that option. Because you will retain your tooth, you don’t have to worry about additional complications related to getting dental implants or dentures. The results of the root canal procedure can last for years, and you can expect better use of the treated tooth with a crown on the top. Besides being safe, RCT is the best option for younger adults who don’t want to lose a tooth.

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