What is subconscious mind reprogramming? What should you know about it?

If you have come this far, it is because the topic of reprogramming the subconscious mind has caught your attention. Can we really reprogram our brain to eliminate limiting beliefs and establish new ones that bring us closer to the reality we want to live? Mental reprogramming is a recent field of study in neuroscience. Frequently, we underestimate the enormous power that the mind has to create our reality, and for that reason, we decided to investigate more about it and bring you the article where we will not only explore this new concept, but also address some ways to reprogram the mind.

The first thing to understand before delving deeper into the concept of mental reprogramming is that during our first years of life we ​​fill our cassette with programs about what we observe and learn from our family, school or friends. These programs are etched into our subconscious mind and end up impacting 95% of the things we do as adults. It means that the programs of our subconscious ARE NOT OURS since they come from other people. Unfortunately, many of these programs self-sabotage us and limit what we are capable of achieving. In short, your current life is a reflection of your subconscious programming.

How to reprogram your subconscious mind

Although there is talk of various specific techniques for Subconscious reprogramming, the truth is that they all include certain essential elements.

The emotion

Emotion is a key ingredient to reprogram our subconscious mind because if there is no emotion, even if the mind says something, the body will not feel it and if the body and mind are not coordinated, there will be no significant changes. For example, it is not enough to repeat to yourself a thousand and one times “I am a millionaire”, “I am a millionaire”, “I am a millionaire” if that thought does not generate a  positive and real emotion in you. Rather, think of all that you could do, achieve, and influence if you had large sums of money. Verbalizing this will excite you more and every time you say this affirmation, you will feel your body expand and vibrate. Then your brain will believe it. There are emotions that are essential to favor the mental reprogramming process and achieve an almost perfect synergy between the body and the mind where everything flows in perfect harmony.


To reject those beliefs that have not served us, form new synaptic connections, it is necessary to break bad habits and create new ones. To achieve this, REPEAT is the key. The new habit that we establish must be repeated almost religiously, without exceptions, because when for some reason we do not do it, our mind returns to the previous behavior and we will not be able to strengthen the new one. Therefore, it is very important that you constantly use the repetition of the new belief or the new habit so that it really manages to establish itself in our brain, forgetting the previous one.


Hypnosis is usually performed by specialists in the field, but there are self-hypnosis methods that can also work to instill beliefs in our subconscious mind. The best time to do it is when going to sleep since our brain will enter the “Theta” phase, the one in which hypnosis is performed and in which there is a lower vibration than in the conscious mind. Falling asleep listening to a repeated recording or program with headphones that represents what we want to achieve in a certain area of ​​​​our life. Thus, when we go from the conscious phase to the unconscious phase, we will be listening and establishing this new belief in our subconscious automatically.