Prevent Getting Fingernail Fungal Infection From Acrylic Nails

More than 50% of nail discoloration is the result of fungal infection. It is especially a common occurrence in people with acrylic nails. According to studies, 9people among 10 people develop fungal infections after removing acrylic nails. Acrylic nails stick to the original nail with an adhesive.

Acrylic nails enhance the look of your actual nails but can ruin the health of your actual nails. You won’t believe it, but it can also become a cause for you to go for toenail laser therapy. In 20something years in the field of podiatry, Dr.SimaSoltani Podiatry Office in Irvine has come across many such fingernail fungus infection cases.

Dr.SimaSoltani Podiatry Office in Irvine also offers complete guidance and advice to their patients about how they can prevent fungal infection in their fingernails or toenail. Here is your guide about how you can get a fingernail fungal infection because of acrylic nails. You will know what to do in such a situation and when to go for toenail laser treatment Irvine. Let’s begin by knowing about the symptoms of fingernail infection.

Symptoms of fingernails fungus from acrylic nails

In the beginning, you may not notice any such symptoms. Once the infection progresses and the condition get worse, you will see –

  • A thickened or brittle nail
  • Bad smell coming from your nail
  • Soreness and pain, especially while putting pressure on the nail
  • A white, yellow, black, or green discoloration
  • Itchiness
  • Swelling
  • Redness

Once you notice these symptoms, look for an expert toenail laser treatment Orange Countyfor treatment. Now let’s find out what causes fingernail fungus infection.

What causes fingernail fungus under acrylic nails?

Acrylic nails don’t grow naturally, so adhesive helps these nails to attach to the original nails. If you don’t put these nails properly or become loose, moisture will get between your fingernails and acrylic nails. Fungi develop in moist environment and will start growing around the damp area. The dermatophytes group of fungi is most commonly responsible for fungal infection in nails, especially the Trichophytonrubrum fungus.

In 2018, a study came to light with evidence showing nail polishes as one of the reasons behind fingernail fungal infection. According to this study, fungi can also survive and multiply in a few nail polishes. That is why people advise avoiding sharing nail paints. Contaminated equipment you see at nail salons can expose you to some fungi and lead to an infection and toenail laser Irvine.

When talking about how you can prevent fingernail infection, the best way is to keep it clean and dry. You have to clean under your nails. You can wash your hands using dish soap or job-specific hand soap. You can also use a washcloth to clean it thoroughly. Wash your hands under running lukewarm water and use a cuticle stick to clean.

At the same time, keep your nails short. When you wash your hands, get water and soap under your nails. Dry your hands carefully, don’t leave even a bit of moisture. Lastly, always moisturize your hands after washing and drying them.