Top 3 Dental Treatments to Bring Back Your Confidence

Strong teeth and healthy gums are the prerequisites to a happy life. If your teeth are fragile or discolored, or there’s intense pain and sensitivity, it would certainly upset your daily routine. 

In fact, plaque build-up, bad breath, and rotten teeth take away a lot more than just confidence: they become serious health concerns if not taken care of. 

That’s why we have brought forth this quick post on the three very important dental treatments that everybody should be aware of. Dive in for all details!

#1. Dental Bridge 

When one or more teeth come loose and break, there’s a visible gap that’s left behind. In such cases, a Dental Bridge is the best option to compensate for missing teeth. 

Three or more splinted crowns are attached to make a Dental Bridge. The bridge is cemented in place and since it has the support from adjacent teeth, it is a very successful procedure that makes up for missing teeth.  

#2. Root Canal Treatment

The first thing that any sensible person would want is to protect the natural teeth from being extracted if the pulp has started rotting. The procedure to remove the pus-filled pulp to protect the natural tooth is known as the root canal treatment. 

Dentists at clinics such as Clinique Dentaire Saba are thoroughly experienced in handling the cases of root canal procedures. There’s nothing about root canal treatment that should scare you. 

The area being treated will be numb. Local anesthesia will also be administered. Once your dentist will remove the abscess-filled pulp, the gap left behind will be sealed with a temporary filling. 

In the follow-up sitting, a permanent filling will be used to seal the gap. The treatment will not be overly painful nor will the recovery be. Some people are even able to go back to work after 3 to 4 hours of the surgery. 

#3. Dental crowns and Crowns on Implants

Dental crowns are made to solidify a fragile tooth. They’re also the possible solutions to cover discolored teeth. When a dental crown is adjusted on top of a fragile tooth, the tooth doesn’t get damaged soon. 

You’ll be able to retain your tooth for a long time because it will be strong enough to not break when you chew. The majority of bite force will be dealt with by the dental crown while you’re chewing. 

Crowns on implants are not really that different from dental crowns. The name should have given you a cue. They’re placed on top of a dental implant and the purpose will still be the same: saving the implant from the direct force so that it lasts longer. 

On a closing note, there are dental treatments for all problems that you might be facing. All you have to do is reach out to reputable dentists at clinics like Clinique Dentaire