Check out these Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a water-soluble vitamin that has been linked to a variety of health advantages. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that aids in the growth, development, and repair of all bodily tissues and the health of your skin and bones.

Almost all vitamins must be obtained from food since the human body makes neither enough. Vitamin C rich vegetables and Fruits are major sources to obtain it.

Here are Five ways in which Vitamin C is important and is useful for better and a healthy lifestyle:

Strong Antioxidants with the Potential to Reduce Chronic Disease Risk

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that boosts the body’s natural defences. Chemicals called antioxidants function to boost the body’s immune system. They achieve this by protecting cells from harmful molecules known as free radicals. The accumulation of free radicals causes oxidative stress, and it has been linked to several chronic diseases. According to studies, increasing your intake of Vitamin C vegetables and fruits can boost your blood antioxidant levels by 30%. This aids the body’s natural anti-inflammatory defences.

Fights Cardiovascular Disease

Worldwide, heart disease is among the most common causes of death. High blood pressure, high levels of bad cholesterol, low levels of good cholesterol, and triglyceride levels are all factors that enhance the risk of heart disease. Vitamin C may aid in the reduction of risk factors, potentially lowering the risk of heart disease. 

Boosts Immunity

The purpose of taking vitamin C is to improve one’s immunity. It plays a role in many aspects of the immune system, including creating white blood cells called lymphocytes and phagocytes, which assist the body fight infections. Because persons with pneumonia have reduced vitamin C levels, vitamin C vegetables and supplements have been proved to speed up recovery.

It keeps your memory and thinking sharp

Vitamin C deficiency has been related to an increased risk of memory and cognitive diseases such as dementia. Oxidative stress and inflammation in Central Nervous System have been linked to an increased risk of dementia, according to studies. 

Additionally, an increased intake of Vitamin C vegetables, and fruits improves memory power.

Improves iron absorption to prevent iron deficiency

Iron is a vital component that helps the body perform various tasks, including producing red blood cells and delivering oxygen throughout the body. Vitamin C supplements can assist in the absorption of iron from the diet. 

Vitamin C aids in converting iron that is poorly absorbed, such as iron from plants, into a form that is more easily absorbed. Iron absorption can be improved by 67 per cent by taking 100 mg of vitamin C. This is especially beneficial for vegetarians, as meat is a key source of iron. 

Summing up, these were the five ways in which vitamin C is beneficial for you. 

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