How to Clean and Maintain Your Dentures

Replacement dentures are a safe and efficient approach to restoring chewing and facial attractiveness after tooth loss. Dentures are a great option for people who are missing teeth due to trauma, severe decay, or gum disease and want to maintain their ability to eat, speak, and smile freely.

Dentures may be a permanent solution to tooth loss, but they still require proper maintenance to last as long as feasible. In order to keep your false teeth in good shape, consider the following advice.

Brush your false teeth at least twice a day.

Dentures require regular cleaning to maintain their effectiveness. Dentures should be cleaned at least twice daily and ideally after each meal, just like real teeth. Cleaning your dentures can be done by:

  • Dentures can be cleaned by rinsing them in clean water to remove any leftover food and loose particles.
  • To clean dentures, use a toothbrush with gentle bristles.
  • Dentures should be cleaned with a solution designed for cleaning dentures, which can be obtained from your dentist or prosthodontist.
  • Use gentle cleaning agents like dish soap to scrub your dentures clean.
  • Make sure you give your gums and any teeth holding your dentures a good scrub down.

Carefully interact with them.

Dentures are delicate; therefore, use special care when cleaning, repositioning, and removing them. Avoid breaking or bending the plastic or clasps when washing dentures. You can use a folded towel if you don’t have a denture-cleaning tool. If the dentures fall while being cleaned, these precautions will help them land safely. Dentures, when cared for properly, can last for years.

Third, take your dentures out before bed.

The time it takes to become used to dentures is significant; nonetheless, they are quite long-lasting. A break from your dentures is also necessary for your mouth. To give your oral tissues a chance to heal, you should remove your dentures at night. Dentures can become contaminated with bacteria if not cleaned and soaked in a particular denture cleaning every night.

Set up regular dental checkups.

Ask your family dentist in Denver how often they should be checked and cleaned if you have dentures. They’ll check your dentures’ fit to ensure they stay put and don’t cause any discomfort. Make an appointment with your dentist right away if your dentures feel loose. Irritation, sores, and even infection can result from poorly fit dentures.