Health Benefits of Cannabis Sativa Plant

Cannabis sativa, a flowering plant that was once indigenous to Eastern Asia, has now taken over the world by its popularity. Every part of the cannabis plant is harvested differently, depending upon the purpose of its use. The word sativa literally means “things that are cultivated.”

Sativa marijuana strains are known to produce numerous health benefits, but these benefits come with their own side effects in some individuals Sativa Seeds For Sale Online .

While the incredible cerebral high of sativas cannabis may produce potent health benefits, that same ‘high’ feeling can become too much to handle for patients unfamiliar with its mind-altering effects.

Medical Effects of Sativa Strains are Defined by Cannabinoid & Terpene Profiles

It should be noted that the medical benefits of sativa marijuana strains are not explicitly defined by the plant’s THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) content. While sativas usually higher THC & lower CBD content as compared to indica cannabis, additional chemical components have a significant role to play in the strains’ intoxicating effects.

Some common & traditional medical uses of sativa marijuana strains are:

1 | Elevates Mood

Sativa marijuana strains are known to elevate a consumers’ mood from a therapeutic perspective. However, not every consumer who consumes a sativa or sativa-dominant cannabis strain will be able to experience mood elevation. As mentioned earlier, some people may experience the opposite, like increased anxiety after consuming pure sativas.

2 | Increases Energy

Another common medical benefit that has been noted with the consumption of sativa strains is increased energy level and productivity.

Sativas tend to trigger activity, lessen levels of apathy and increase the desire to engage with other people in a social setting. It won’t be unfair to say that the medical effects of sativa are quite opposite of indica cannabis, where all you are looking for is a chill environment, good music and a desire to fall asleep.

3 | Boosts Appetite

While both sativa and indica cannabis are known to increase appetite, sativas are the go-to option for many. Studies have also shown that increased appetite is one of the medical benefits of consuming sativa cannabis.

4 | Helps with Depression

Provided the well-established benefits to help promote energy levels, elevate mood and lower apathy, the only reason that stands to reason is the benefit of sativa cannabis to reduce symptoms of depression. Millions of people have been known to consume this because of this sole reason. And they have got their desired results too.

5 | Promotes Creativity and Focus

Even though lack of creativity cannot be defined as a medical condition, lack of focus can certainly be. However, in this particular case, the medicinal benefits of sativa cannabis in terms of promoting focus and boosting creativity would largely depend on the chemical makeup of an individual. However, the increased focus would surely be more common from a sativa strain than an indica strain.

Final Thoughts

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