Get To Know About the Worst Types of Candies for Your Teeth

There is nothing wrong in having a sweet tooth. It’s normal to treat yourself with candies frequently. Now, when especially it is fall season and holidays are just around the corner you will have the craving to go for candies. However, the sugar content needs to be checked and make sure having candies does not become your habit.

Candies can be harmful for the teeth, if care is not taken properly. Maintaining yours and your children’s dental hygiene should be one of the most top priorities. Needless to say, children with milk teeth are especially prone to bad dental health and often results in cavities. You must have a routine check up with your pediatric dentist.

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Take a look at some of the unhealthier options in candies which you must avoid. Also, we have laid down a few alternative healthy options

Hard Candy

As per pediatric dentist cypress tx, hard candy can be the worst among all. Not only it can break your children’s teeth, but also it can get stuck in your throat if you do not eat it properly. Also, keeping candies for long period in the mouth can sugar-wash your teeth. That in turn can lead to wearing down of the enamel. This creates an ideal environment for infection and faster tooth decay. Hard candy is one of the most opted candies, but you must avoid it at all cost.

Alternative – Lemon Drops

Lemon drops mixed with sugar free syrup and hence, a healthy alternative option. While it is not advised to chew them, you can keep the candy in your mouth for long period of time. It is absolutely safe for children too.

Gummy candies

Gummy candies are a rage and a favourite among kids of all age, but they are worst type of candies for both kids and adults. There have been several articles from cypress tx pediatric dentist citing the ill effects of gummy candies. Not only these gummies wear down the enamel, but also makes the teeth prone to chipping.

There are high chances of gummies getting stuck to your teeth. The gelatin build-up on your teeth allows bacteria to thrive leading to infection. If you are having gummies brush your teeth immediately.

Alternative DIY gummies

If gummies are becoming hard to resist, you can make them yourself. It can be a healthier alternative. You can control the amount of sugar you put in it and choose the best quality syrup available on the market. You can also use xylitol to replace sugar so that you don’t worry about your teeth enamel and your teeth remains protected.

Popcorn Balls

This is the most common type of sweet treat that are always everywhere. While popcorn is very delicious with caramel sauce, but the kernels can stick to the teeth for a long time making the gums bleed.

Alternative – Nuts will caramel

Nuts with caramel sauce can be a better alternative. Nuts are healthier option as they are loaded with omega 3. You can try walnut with chocolate sauce as well.