A Comprehensive Germination Guide For Your Auto-Flowering Seeds

Hi Mate! So you want to grow Marijuana? Perfect! You are going to go on an incredible journey. As a grower myself, I love the autoflowering seeds. With these seeds, you don’t need to wait much for the harvest you wish for.

You simply have to water them after sowing and reap them when they bloom. Yes, it is that simple. You won’t need to worry about maintaining light schedules, nor do you have to bother training the plants. Ain’t that exciting?

They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step in the right direction. When growing cannabis, that first step is getting the right autoflowering seeds. For that, check out Homegrown Cannabis for an impeccable range of seeds bred with care and have the most stable genetics.

Read the seed description well to understand the requirements of the strain and if they will suit you. If you determine what effect you are looking at, you can choose your seed accordingly. 

Let me now share about the germination process of the autoflowering cannabis seeds.

Germination Process Of Cannabis Seed

Cannabis seeds have a hard shell which is usually dark brown. This shell covers the dormant embryo inside.

To kick start growing the embryo, you need to hydrate the seed, and the shell would soften and wake up the embryo from its dormant state. Then the radicle comes out of the seed, and taproot appears. The seed can be transferred to a growing medium once the taproot is 2-3 cm long.

After that, two tiny leaf-like structures grow out of it called cotyledons. The plant is fed from it until it grows true leaves.

The Ideal Conditions For Marijuana Seeds Germination

You need to provide the right conditions for the marijuana seeds to germinate. This would ensure that you get the best harvest from them. If you don’t germinate them in appropriate conditions, they won’t give you a good harvest.

You must provide the autoflowering marijuana seeds with around 90% humidity and keep the temperature within 21 to 26 degrees centigrade. However, also ensure that the seeds do not drown in water or die.

Germinating Old Seeds

Growers often store marijuana seeds for germinating them during growing seasons in the future. If you have old seeds, you need to take proper care as the process might be difficult. However, if you have stored the seeds nicely, you can avoid such problems.

Seeds must be stored in an airtight glass jar or mylar bags and must be protected from moisture at any cost. The ideal way to keep the jar in the fridge where the temperature should be between 6-8 degrees centigrade and the humidity should be 20 to 30%.

If you face difficulty in germinating old seeds, you can use the following methods:

Gently Open The Seed

Use a needle or a knife-edge between the seed ridges to separate it slightly. Be gentle while doing it to don’t hurt the plant material inside. You can soak it normally in water after that.

Use Supplemented Water

Often regular water is not adequate for softening the seeds as the seed’s shell gets hardened with age. You can then soak the old marijuana seeds in supplemented water.

To do this, you need to add 30 ml hydrogen peroxide in a cup full of water about 22 degrees centigrades warm. Soak the seed for 12 hours. If you have growth boosters, you can use them.

Keep the cup in a shaded area away from direct sunlight.

Use The Scarification Process

Make ridges with a matchbox or sandpaper on the seed shell for letting the water seep in.

Pay attention not to overdo the process as you thin the shell gently.

Water Glass Method of Germination

This method needs a glass cup and water.

Step 1

Pour water in a glass cup till it is filled halfway.

Step 2

Put the seeds in the water and place the glass in a dark place. You need to keep it for around 32 hours.

Step 3

Within 48 hours, you will see the radicle coming out. If there is no sign of sprouting after three days, you can put two drops of hydrogen peroxide in the water and put the cup in a dark area for two days.

The Paper Towel Method

Undoubtedly the best and easiest process of germinating your cannabis seeds.

You would need a plastic container with a cover, water, and two paper towels for this method.

Step 1

Make the paper towel moist. Wring them to ensure that they are damp but not wet.

Step 2

Fold the towel over once you keep the seeds in it. After that, keep the towel in the container and cover it with a lid or a plastic plate.

Step 2

Place the container in a slightly warm area that is dark. You must take care that the towel does not get completely dry. If you see it is dry, you can sprinkle some water. However, you must take care not to wet the towel. If the towel gets too wet, it might start smelling bad. In that case, let it dry for some time, or else replace the towel.

When you notice that the radicle has grown to 1-3 cm; transplant it in the growing medium of your choice.

Germination Chamber Process

Professional cannabis growers mostly use this tool. The germination chamber has a heat mat, and a small plastic base is placed over it. The base has square-shaped cells for each seed, and a humidity dome covers the base.

A germination chamber can be made at home, and you can use it with multiple mediums like Rockwool cubes, peat pellets, coco fiber, or soil.

For the process of germination, you need to slightly dampen the medium and make a hole to keep the side inside it. Cover it lightly and turn the heat mat on. The seeds must sprout within 48 hours.

Using Rockwool Cubes or Peat Pellets

Rockwool cubes are fiber-made small cubes that absorb water. You can transplant them directly into the growing medium.

Compressed peat moss shaped in a small disc is called peat pellet. Moisten it first to germinate the seed in a pet pellet or Rockwool cubes. Make a tiny hole for the seed and cover it after placing it.

Germinate In The Growing Medium Directly

Germinating in the growing medium directly is the simplest way to germinate marijuana seeds as it is how germination occurs in nature.

Seeds don’t face any stress for transplantation if they are germinated directly in the medium. They also won’t need any recovery time from the shock of transplantation.

Make 1-2 cm holes in the growing medium such as soil or coco peat and place the marijuana seeds and cover lightly.

The Bottom Line

I have used all the methods, and they work well depending on the situation. If I have to germinate quite a few seeds, I love using a germination chamber, and this tool offers me control and precision over the germination method.

When you see the cotyledons appearing, you can rejoice, knowing that the plant has germinated well. After that, you have to nurture the plant with water, nutrition, humidity, and heat so that it happily gift you a sumptuous harvest. Remember to maintain the humidity of 70% and 26 to 28 degrees centigrade temperature to ensure successful and faster germination.

When you buy the seeds, make sure that you check out its particular requirements. Though autoflower seeds reach the flowering stage pretty quickly, you would still need to prepare for the harvesting process. Make sure to dry and cure your buds well so that you enjoy a great flavor, aroma, and high.

That’s it for now comrades. Hope you have a blockbuster harvest this time round!