Everything You Need to Know About Dental Implants Getting Worn Out

Getting dental implants in Buffalo Grove, IL, is one of the most commonly used teeth restoration methods. They provide permanent results to patients that suffer from tooth loss. Dental implants are durable and last for a long duration. They are the best option for replicating the original tooth. Dental implants remain in a good state for two decades if they are properly taken care of. However, just like original teeth, these implants may also face the effect of factors like aging and end up getting worn out. If you think your dental implants are getting worn out, it is suggested to consult a dental health provider. They may assess your teeth and suggest the required treatment for your teeth.

Reasons for dental implants to get worn out.

Dental implants have a lot of strength as they are prepared with the help of titanium, one of the strongest and most durable metals. The implant is integrated into the jawbone. They only get worn out if they are exposed to traumatizing or forceful impact on the teeth. Some of the possible reasons for wear and tear among implants involve accidental mishaps, inefficient diet, bruxism, and grinding and clenching of the teeth constantly. Bruxism is one of the leading causes of damaging natural and artificial teeth.

Symptoms that your dental implant has aged

Many patients end up never needing a replacement for their dental implants due to their success rates. The durability of implants is extremely high, which helps many patients maintain their implants for their entire life without any replacement. However, they may get worn out in some cases if the patient does not follow a proper dental regimen and eating habits. They start loosening due to traumatizing force or infections in the teeth. You may observe swelling or redness near the implant area. If you notice your gum line getting exposed or numbness in the face or jaw, it may be a valid sign that it is time to get your dental implants replaced by your dental health provider. Patients are encouraged to follow the advice given by their dentist and take good care of their implants to make them last for a long period. 

If you observe any symptoms listed above, it is suggested to schedule a visit to your nearest dental clinic. Various causes may provoke your dental implants to function improperly. Getting professional help will allow you to check whether you require a new implant.