Practicing oral hygiene never gets old, even when you do. It is equally important for toddlers and 70-year-old elders alike. You may face certain unique dental risks that you can manage with proper dental care during your old years. Some aspects of aging can affect your oral health, and keepingRead More →

RF Microneedling treatment is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that uses radiofrequency energy and microneedling to improve the appearance of the skin. The treatment is designed to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which are two essential proteins that help keep the skin firm and youthful-looking. RF Microneedling is anRead More →

While dental phobia can hit anyone, children tend to fear the dentist and dental procedures more than adults. Braces for kids in North Torrance, CA can be scary, especially because they do not know what goes into the procedure. Some kids may not want to wear it because they thinkRead More →

You are contentedly living when you hear a “crunch,” most likely while chewing. You find yourself wondering, “What was that?” Then you realize you just fractured a tooth. Excellent! What does this entail? Hopefully, there will not be more than a few trips to the oral surgeon in Passaic, NJ,Read More →

It would be wise to begin an anti-aging treatment as soon as you notice aging symptoms. Other than aging, there are various other reasons to consult a dermatologist for anti-aging treatment. Not many people are aware that using harsh chemicals and cheap quality skin care products can result in skinRead More →