Caring for your auditory health: The problems you ought to know!

It’s our legs that balance our bodies – says who? That’s not true! It’s our ears that balance our bodies. Surprised? Well, don’t be since auditory health isn’t confined to deafness only. 

All hearing disorders won’t leave you deaf, but they will still affect the quality of your life badly. This quick post has been curated to take you through the two biggest auditory challenges: Vertigo and tinnitus. 

Dive in for details!

Vertigo and balancing issues

Vertigo problem happens when there’s something amiss with the inner ear. It makes the patient dizzy and the person will fail to balance their body. 

If not checked, it can cause severe episodes of anxiety, irritation, and hopelessness. However, the initial signs and symptoms of Vertigo can be identified at home. 

If you do pay attention to how your body behaves under normal conditions, you’ll be able to recognize the signs of Vertigo like:

  • You won’t be able to walk in darkness since the center of your body’s gravity will be way off.
  • You’ll feel giddy and nauseous. 
  • You’ll have difficulty walking in a straight line and will have the fear that you might fall. 

All these signs indicate that you might have developed Vertigo. However, hope isn’t lost. There are assessment tests to confirm if you do have Vertigo and there are rehabilitation therapies as well that’ll treat the condition. 

When you visit clinics such as Audiologie Centre-Ouest test auditif, experts will run a series of tests like VNG, Oculomotor assessment, oscillopsia assessment, BPPV, et cetera. 

The motive behind these tests is to identify what’s causing Vertigo and how severe the issue already is. 

Depending upon the findings, your doctor will prepare a final report and you’ll be suggested rehabilitation therapies to treat the balancing issues. 

There are basically four plans:

  1. Repositioning maneuver
  2. Initial vestibular for mild handicap
  3. Personalized vestibular for medium handicap
  4. Long-term personalized vestibular for severe symptoms

You can check out the Audiologie Center-Ouest website for details or seek the help of your audiologist to understand what these therapies are aimed at. 


Tinnitus is a common but super irritating ear condition that produces a ringing noise inside your ears despite there being no outside sound stimulus. 

Although it cannot be cured, it can be treated with therapies to such an extent that it’ll become mild. You won’t realize most of the time that it’s even happening.  

In a nutshell, experienced audiologists can handle all hearing disorders to help you lead a happy, healthy life. So, pick up that phone now and book an appointment today!