Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Breast Implants

For women who are considering breast implants, there are some factors that need to be looked at to help make sure the operation is successful and they get a good return on investment. A breast implant surgeon in Richmond, VA, will be able to provide patients with information on the right breast augmentation size and type, as well as the number of procedures needed to achieve the desired look.

Here are some important factors you should consider when choosing breast implants.

  1. Size

Some women will look at their breasts and determine that they would like larger breasts. The problem with this is that the patient may not know how large she would like them to be. This is one of the reasons why a sizing technique should be considered prior to the procedure. Doctors use sizing techniques to allow women to see what size looks best on them. In addition, you should choose a size that goes well with your unique physique.

  1. Shape

You should consider the contours of your chest when choosing implants. By going with implants that are the same diameter throughout and match the contours of your body, you are more likely to have a natural look. Now, we have breast implants available in different shapes, including teardrop implants, round implants, and gummi bear implants.

  1. Fill

You should also consider the fill of your implants. Breast implants usually have an outer silicone shell and an inner solution made of either silicone or saline gel. Depending on your body type and desired look, you may choose the silicone or the saline solution. Each of these fills has their own advantages and disadvantages. Your surgeon will be the right person to help you find the most suitable fit for you.

  1. Profile

Although the bottom of your breast implant should be even with your chest, the top can sit at different levels. This is called the implant profile. The profile of the implant determines how high or low the breasts sit on your chest. Implants with a higher profile will tend to sit higher on your chest and have a more natural look than implants with lower profiles.

  1. Texture

The texture of the implant will also impact how your breasts look. Implants can be textured with granules or smooth. In fact, textured breast implants move less than those with a smooth texture. You can choose the texture of your breast implants considering your likes and, of course, your surgeon’s opinion.