These certifications for home health aide can help you improve your career prospects.

You will work as a home health aide and provide support to patients. You will need to care for patients in their own homes, do errands, clean up after them, and take care of their homes. Your patient may also require you to travel with them.

You will learn skills to be a home-health aide through a certification program. You will learn how to provide safe and effective care for your patients. Patients will be taken care of in their own homes or in assisted living facilities. If you are interested in working for an agency, you will need to be able to meet the education standards of the federal government.

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These are the certification programs you should choose to further your career as a home-health aide.

Penn Foster

Penn Foster is a school where all 50 states have the same education requirements. To receive your certification, you will also need to do an externship of forty hours and skill-based training.

Penn Foster’s training program is the best when it comes to home health aide certifications. This certification program covers all the education requirements for home health aides.

You will learn therapeutic communication skills and how the body works. You will learn about nutrition and drug pathways. The process of aging, law and ethics, as well as confidentiality, will be covered. These skills will be taught by a mentor with more experience. As an externship candidate, you will also be supported. You can also take your course online. Only the externship must be completed on-site. The Distance Education Accrediting Commission also accredited this certification program.

This course costs $699. Monthly installments of $799 are also available. Your course will cost $829 if you prefer to pay by mail.

Ashworth College

It can be hard to find professional education classes if you don’t hold a high school diploma. You can take an online course in home health aides from Ashworth College. Enrolment is possible without any prerequisites.

You will learn how to care for elderly patients and patients with disabilities through this certification program. It will also teach you how to care for patients who are critically or chronically ill. You’ll learn how to work safely in a patient’s home, how to communicate with them, and about bloodborne pathogens.

This course costs $699 if you pay in full for Ashworth College. The course cost will be $899 if you choose to pay the course in monthly installments. The college’s career services can help you find work. This University’s classes do not fulfill the educational requirements of many states. These include New York, California, New Jersey and Indiana. It is your responsibility to ensure that you complete the 16 hours of skills training in person. This training is required to fulfill your Medicare requirements.

American Caregiver Association

You can use the tools this association offers to help you build your business as a home-health aide. Accreditation is also provided by the ACA, a national body. You can also enroll in its courses. You can choose from a variety of courses, including those that will help you build a business as an aide to the home.

You will complete approximately 120 hours of classroom work in this online course. You will need to find an alternative to the federally required skills training in person. This course will teach you about nutrition, skin care, grooming, and other topics. After completing the course you will receive an ID to be a caregiver and you can become a member the ACA. You will need to pass an exam in order to complete the course. However, this exam is not timed and is open to all.

Southern Technical Institute

This course is for certified nursing assistants who want to become home health aides. This course will teach you how to transfer your nursing skills into the home, and also how to not provide more care.

CNAs can complete this fast-track program online. However, you will need to pass a two-hour clinical exam. This will be done in person. The course is located in Florida so you will need to travel there to complete it. You can also request a visit from a certified instructor in your city.

The program costs around $299. This program will teach you how to control infections, basic home health care, and body systems.


You have a variety of HHA certification options that can help you move up and advance in your career. HHA certification will allow you to acquire the skills that you need to succeed in your job, and also meet various federal and state requirements. These are just a few of the HHA certification options you have.