Reasons Why You Should Floss Your Teeth Everyday 

Even though brushing and gargling with mouthwash are essential for your everyday dental hygiene, you must never forget to floss your teeth. Brushing removes all the plaque signs on the surface of your teeth, and the toothpaste also kills the germs and bacteria in your mouth. However, most brush bristles are thicker than the flossing thread and cannot reach the gaps between your teeth. Nevertheless, these gaps must be cleaned daily as the food particles and plaque are also situated here. Flossing removes all the excess dirt from the intricate parts of your mouth, giving your teeth ultimate cleanliness. 

It is also best to get a professional cleanup done at least once a month from a general dentist in Tampa, as it will improve your dental health for a longer time. Additionally, regular cleanups can ensure you are free from complications like gum disease or cavities. 

Reasons why you should floss your teeth every day.

  • Reduced risk of tooth decay 

Cavities or tooth decay are a common concern for most people. This is because very few people include flossing in their dental routine religiously. Flossing helps eliminate the tiny food particles and plaque stuck in little gaps between two teeth. Removing plaque from these areas is crucial as it contains harmful bacteria that feed on your tooth enamel. 

As the plaque stuck in these gaps is not easily visible, people think they have properly cleaned their teeth and gums. Hence flossing can help you reach all the intricate areas in your mouth to ensure you do not have any bacteria that can create cavities in your teeth. 

  • Prevents gingivitis 

Gum disease is divided into two phases. The first is gingivitis, followed by periodontitis. While gingivitis might be the initial phase of the illness, it can be excruciating and discomforting to the patient. The bacteria in your mouth can attack your gums, causing infections and diseases like gingivitis. 

If you do not treat gingivitis on time, it can lead to periodontitis which can cause permanent damage to your oral health. Periodontitis separates your gums from your teeth, making the foundation of the upper part weak. As a result, people lose their teeth due to poor dental hygiene. 

  • It helps to decrease bad breath. 

Some food particles get stuck in your teeth or gums when you eat your food. While most of them are washed out during your brushing session, a few remain between the gaps of your teeth. These food particles will then start to decay, and during this procedure, a foul odor is created in your mouth, resulting in bad breath.