Preparing Your Child For Braces

While dental phobia can hit anyone, children tend to fear the dentist and dental procedures more than adults. Braces for kids in North Torrance, CA can be scary, especially because they do not know what goes into the procedure. Some kids may not want to wear it because they think they will be “ugly” with braces on. 

One way to help your child as a parent is by talking to them about it. Tell them why it is important to get braces and what can happen if they do not. If they are worried about the process being painful, explain to them that everything will be painless. The more your child knows, the more comfortable they will be. 

Preparing your child for braces 

  • Talk to your child about the process.

The number one reason why children are hesitant towards dental treatments is because they have a fear of the unknown. They do not know what to is going to happen once they step inside the dental clinic. Talk to them about the procedure and explain all the steps involved. Tell them they will not feel hurt or pain because the dentist will be careful about it. 

  • Discuss treatment options with your child. 

It is important that your child feels a part of the decision. Do not make them feel like you and the dentist are making all the decisions, leaving them out of it. Explain to your child the various orthodontic options available and which one will work out the best for their needs. They should know why they are getting metal braces and what they can expect at the end of the treatment. 

  • Stock up on soft foods and beverages. 

Your child will need some time to adjust to the braces on their teeth. They may have difficulty chewing, biting, and swallowing food. It is good to start with soft foods and beverages to make it easy for them. Some options include ice cream, pasta, mashed potatoes, milkshakes, smoothies, etc. You can look up fun and tasty recipes for children on Youtube as well as ask your dentist for suggestions. 

  • Buy orthodontic wax. 

During the first few weeks of getting braces, your child will experience irritation and itchiness in their mouth and gums. While this problem should subside in a few days, applying orthodontic wax can provide temporary relief. Applying this wax forms a protective layer around the brackets that feel irritating inside the mouth and reduces the effects of rubbing. Some dentists provide free braces wax at the end of the treatment.