Know The Telltale Signs That Indicate You Need Root Canal Procedure in Concord

The root canal is a dental procedure that is used to treat the decaying problem of teeth. It fully cleans the decay present in your tooth’s pulp, nerve, and root. Then, the space is filled with medicated materials to let the tooth function again. If this procedure isn’t done, there are high chances of losing the tooth. 

In Concord, you have reputed dentists performing Root canal treatment for many years. You won’t feel any discomfort, and your dental issues will be rectified soon. Alliance Dental Group is known to be one of the best dentist in Concord, NC administering root canal therapy successfully. Many individuals aren’t able to realize when to consult a doctor for root canal treatment, thus the tooth issue becomes severe. 

The signs indicating the need to have a root canal

  • Constant pain is felt deep in the tooth and feels like it is spreading everywhere in the mouth. However, this kind of pain relates to gum diseases, infected teeth, and cavity issues. 
  • The infected tooth tip seems to be infected, or there is the presence of an abscess inside the tooth. 
  • It discolors the tooth because of the internal damage of the tooth. 
  • The tooth pulp stops functioning or dies because of not receiving adequate blood.  
  • Swelling or feeling of tenderness around the gums or jaw tissues. The swelling is caused by the presence of acidic waste materials, like dead tissues of pulp. Thus, you can visualize the swelling of the root tip area. 
  • There may be pus formation. You feel your mouth has an unpleasant taste when the pus oozes out. 
  • You feel teeth are sensitive to heat and cold. The sensitivity feeling can be a dull ache or pain felt when you are eating or drinking. The pain lingers even after you have stopped eating or drinking. 
  • The tooth discolors as the infection has spread in the pulp of the tooth. 

What does root canal treatment involve?

  • Your dentist would examine the painful teeth. 
  • They will use clinical tools to remove bacteria and clean the decaying material from the tooth pulp or root. 
  • They will fill the empty roots so that unwanted infectious matter will not seep inside and infect the tooth root again. Then they will seal the filled gap. That is the reason for having a crown over the tooth after root canal treatment.  

If you are troubled with any such symptoms, it is best to consult a dentist specializing in root canal treatment in Concord.