How to Know When to Get Dentures

Teeth can wear out for several reasons. It may be one tooth, half of your entire teeth set, or a full mouth reconstruction. Dentures used to be associated with old people since they are more susceptible to losing all their teeth due to age. However, young people are also opting for it 

nowadays. Dentures give you a natural look and provide the functionality your mouth requires. 

If you are facing problems with your teeth and are wondering whether getting dentures is the right option for you, this blog may help you. It helps to consult a family dentist in Lakeview, Chicago, and ask for their opinion since they can examine your mouth and tell you what is best for you. Still, it is better to be educated about the subject a bit before you go for the consultation. 

Signs you need to get dentures 

  1. You have red, swollen gums. 

Ideally, your gums are supposed to appear pink and healthy. If your gums bleed from time to time, appear red, and are swollen or inflamed, you should be concerned and not ignore it. These are usually the warning signs of a periodontal disease. Gingivitis, one of the common gum diseases, can be reversed when detected in its early stages. When gum diseases progress, you will begin to lose the bone around the base of the teeth. 

  1. Gaps between teeth or unstable teeth. 

If your teeth have unusually large gaps or keep shifting from their place, it is usually a sign of gum disease. In some conditions, you may have already lost much of the bone around the base, which is why the teeth do not stay in place and keep moving. If the condition has progressed already, your dentist may have to perform extraction treatments. 

  1. You have constant toothaches. 

People often ignore toothaches. However, if your toothaches persistently come back after the painkiller wears off, it indicates trouble. Toothaches are usually caused by decay and cavities. Sometimes, a filling is enough to fix a single tooth. However, if the damage has progressed a lot, you may need to get a tooth extraction. If the decay is across many teeth, you may need to take them all out and get dentures. 

  1. You cannot eat some kinds of food. 

If you are unable to eat some kind of food due to a missing, cracked, chipped, decayed, or damaged tooth, you may need to visit your dentist and talk to them about getting dentures immediately. Damaged teeth can make it extremely difficult to chew and eat and lose functionality of the mouth as well.