How to Beat Arthritis Fatigue

Identifying possible causes is the first step to combating arthritis-related fatigue. It is a good idea to keep a diary in order to track your energy levels and what you did during the day. Discuss the possible causes with your doctor once you have identified them. You can work together to create a plan that will give you the energy and motivation you need. You may need to make lifestyle and medication changes to improve your energy levels.

Get Up and Move

Exercise can help with fatigue in many different ways. Exercise increases muscle strength, flexibility, blood circulation, and muscle mass. This all helps to reduce fatigue and increase energy. Exercise can also produce endorphins. These brain chemicals are responsible for a feeling of well-being, vitality, and better nighttime sleep.


dehydration can cause fatigue. There is no one right amount of fluid you should drink, but it is a good rule of thumb to consume at least half a gallon (8-8-ounce glasses) per day depending on how active you are and how dry and hot the weather.

Take Care of Your Body

Get your body well-nourished with whole, healthy foods. Get plenty of fruits, vegetables, and ensure you get enough lean protein. Reduce your intake of processed, high-salt and sugary foods if you want to lose weight. For long-lasting energy, start the day with a breakfast rich in lean protein and complex carbs.

Keep Good Sleep Habits

Good sleep habits are important in fighting fatigue. Avoid nicotine and avoid caffeine before bed. They can cause sleep disruptions. Every day, get up and go to bed at the same time every day. Your bedroom should be comfortable, dark, and cool. Turn off your television, computer and cell phone. To signal your body that it is time to go to bed, you should follow a bedtime routine.

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