Getting Dental Braces in Los Gatos to Have Properly Aligned Teeth and Jaws

Studies show that your smile is what people will notice and remember about you first. Although aesthetics is essential, the benefits of braces go beyond the looks. Aligned teeth and gums can improve your look and boost your oral health. Learn more about what braces in Los Gatos can offer below:

How Dental Braces Work

In general, traditional dental braces are made up of ceramic or metal brackets attached to the teeth. They are tied together using tiny rubber bands and wires, with gentle pressure being exerted in particular directions. This will move the teeth into the positions desired. Also, braces can dissolve bone, reshaping your jawline. The dissolved bone is replaced with bone growth that supports your teeth in new positions. Dental braces can correct dental problems such as misaligned teeth and jaws, chewing or biting difficulties, crowded or overlapping teeth, and excessive teeth gaps. 

Benefits of Dental Braces

Misaligned teeth and jaws can impact your look and overall health, as well as make it hard for you to eat properly and speak clearly. Also, they can make it hard for you to maintain a hygiene routine. Braces can address and correct these issues. They provide the following benefits:

  • Improved chewing. When your jaws and teeth are not aligned, you could experience chewing and biting difficulty. When not treated on time, this problem can wear out your teeth and may weaken your jaw muscles. 
  • Improved speech. Misaligned teeth can affect how the tip of your tongue is placed, which is important to form some sounds. Usually, dental braces can correct this kind of speech problem by aligning your teeth, and ensuring your tongue is properly placed. Your dentist can evaluate the seriousness of your problem and develop an effective solution that meets your specific needs.
  • Improved oral health. Regular brushing and flossing are important to keep your teeth clean and healthy. However, if you have overlapping, crowded, or crooked teeth, it can be hard to keep them clean. As a result, plaque and bacteria can build up inside your mouth, increasing your risk for problems like tooth decay, gingivitis, gum disease, and cavities. Although common, such dental issues can be prevented. Dental braces can move your teeth into optimal positions, so you can easily and effectively brush and floss your teeth.  In turn, this minimizes your chances of developing teeth and gum issues. 
  • Improve the alignment of your jaw. Misaligned jaws can cause headaches, sleep disorders, jaw, shoulders, or neck pain, and popping jaw. Customized braces can reduce or eliminate these problems by aligning your teeth and jaws properly.