Dental Implants Will Keep Your Mouth Healthy After Teeth Loss

Several things happen to your mouth health that you may not realize. They keep your mouth healthy by replacing the missing teeth and boosting proper gum and bone interaction. They will resemble natural teeth, complete your smile, and increase your self-esteem. It is essential to know the benefits of dental implants. If you have missing teeth, you can have your dental restorations in Dacula

Dental implants will keep your mouth healthy after teeth loss.

Dentists remove teeth every day, and it can be tempting to leave the gap where the tooth was to save time and money. But once you know the long-term effects of your lost tooth, you will reconsider leaving the gap for a long time. You will be surprised to learn that just one tooth can disastrously affect your oral health.

  • Bone loss

Bones are present around your natural teeth because the physical forces exerted on them while we eat passed down to the bone, which in turn send signals to your body that this bone needs to be kept strong and healthy because it is used actively. 

As soon as a tooth is removed, the physical forces transmitted to the bone will be stopped. The lack of force will, in turn, send a signal to the body and inform that the bone is not used anymore. It is then when the body slowly and progressively breaks down the bone. In the initial year, a large amount of bone is lost, and then it deteriorates gradually throughout your life.

  • The teeth will start to move.

Teeth like to be around teeth. A tooth works better when there is another tooth across to work in pair while biting. When you lose a tooth, the surrounding teeth will start to drift into open spaces. The movement will begin as soon as the tooth is lost, and sometimes it will not stop until they find another tooth in contact. 

  • It will make it difficult to clean your teeth. 

Our mouth is designed to tear or cut the food using our front teeth and then crush or chew the remaining with the solid back teeth. Many patients have lost their back teeth but have their front teeth. It is not a great position for long-term oral health, as the person will totally depend on their front teeth for chewing and crushing. The front teeth are not designed to withstand such forces and will lead to bone loss, wear of front teeth, and chipping, eventually leading to tooth loss.