Dealing with a Chipped Tooth: Why You Should Get an Immediate Dental Evaluation in Summerlin

A chipped tooth is a dental injury that can cause you pain and frustration. No matter the severity of your case, it may require a visit to a dental office in Summerlin, so your dentist can evaluate your condition. Also, the dentist will treat the problem and prevent complications. In some patients, a chipped tooth can lead to severe health concerns. Thus, you should consider it a dental emergency. Ensure you go to your dentist within 24 hours of the injury. 

Common Complications a Chipped Tooth Can Cause

A chipped tooth can negatively affect your smile and self-esteem. Although the look of your smile is a reason to see a dentist as soon as possible after your tooth is chipped, other possible health complications warrant prompt evaluation and treatment. These complications include the following:

  • Decay. Bacteria and plaque do not wear down your tooth enamel and cause dental cavities right away. But a chip can create an instant gap in the enamel, letting bacteria enter your tooth fast. Cavities can quickly develop, and the risk stays higher until your chipped tooth is repaired. 
  • Infection. Because a chipped tooth can damage your tooth enamel, a dental infection might develop. This infection can present symptoms such as inflammation, pain, fever, the presence of pus, and feelings of malaise. Such a condition can turn into a dangerous situation that could result in severe illness.
  • Tooth loss. To preserve the chipped tooth, it’s important to get timely treatment. Waiting too long to get the tooth repaired can result in the soft tissue inside your tooth becoming seriously infected or sustaining permanent damage. When this happens, the chipped tooth will need to be extracted and replaced.

How to Treat a Chipped Tooth

The right treatment option for a chipped tooth depends on your needs, the extent of the damage, and your preferences. Most dentists will repair a chipped tooth with a dental crown or veneer. Either treatment involves mounting a ceramic or porcelain covering over the chipped tooth. Often, veneers are preferred for front teeth, while dental crowns are utilized for other teeth.

If your chipped tooth is beyond repair or poses a significant risk for infection, it has to be extracted. Your dentist can use a dental implant or bridge to replace this tooth. A bridge is less invasive than an implant. However, it doesn’t look as natural as a dental implant. Also, it doesn’t last as long as an implant. If you can tolerate implantation, this option provides realistic, long-lasting results.