New Year, new resolutions are being made. Health and fitness promises are at the top of the list. For the next few months, most gyms will be busy until things slow down and everyone gives up on their determination.

Crossfit is the most important fitness task on your list. Crossfit is a fast-growing fitness program that has been in the market for a while. However, there are many myths and misconceptions about it. These are some of the facts that you should consider before making a decision. Then, go and try it yourself.


Crossfit is a constantly evolving functional movement at high intensity. Let’s take a look at the kindergarten style.

Continuously changing = Always something new. It sounds interesting. Maybe if you work out is more fun and varied, you’ll be more motivated to do it.

Functional Movement = The ability to perform basic human movements that improve your quality of life. A fully functional human machine should have the ability to perform all of these activities: running, lifting, climbing and pushing, pulling, as well as jumping, jumping, lifting, climbing and squatting. They are more enjoyable for people who do them often, and they are harder for Zombies.

Intensity is doing your best. While there are many definitions of intensity that exercise geeks can give, they all boil down to doing your best. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should redline the engine. It just means that you have to do your best. While there are times and places for different intensities, the most important thing to remember is how hard you should go. Crossfit gyms that are well-respected provide extensive programming, coaching, and community support to help ensure success at all levels.

If you are looking for something that is fun and makes you feel competent, and if you enjoy doing things with people who are cool, CrossFit might be the right choice. CrossFit will prepare you for CrossFit. Every good CrossFit gym will have a clearly defined beginners program to help you get started. “But Mitch, the gym that I’m considering doesn’t have a beginner program”- This means they may be new or very bad.


Your aren’t a professional athlete, but you’re correct. I saw the Olympics, and I realized that I can’t run as fast. I quit running, even if there are zombies following me. CrossFit recognizes that most people are not average. You’re still an individual snow flake. We create a base workout and scale to accommodate everyone’s needs. It is normal at first to scale all your workouts if you don’t have the strength, flexibility, or conditioning to do them. We’ll help you.

This is one of the coolest things about it, not just that we can scale a workout and have elite athletes and just-off-the-vouchers in the same room but that everyone, for one hour of their day, gets to be engaged in an activity with other people that really want it. It is amazing how many times you can say that everyone at the gym or in your everyday life is motivated to improve.


You can just shut up. CrossFitters make up about 99% of the population and don’t eat Paleo. However, we do have a large number of CrossFitters who care about eating healthy. For some, that means eating lots of vegetables, lean meat, and very little processed food. CrossFit is for everyone. Anyone can participate and make improvements, while still eating what they like. But they’ll likely eat healthier if they are part of a CrossFit group. However, CrossFit is not a requirement for exercising. You should eat more vegetables and lean protein.


True, fitness is something we take seriously. We want everyone to be safe and do the best they can. However, any group that wears neon knee socks, beards or spandex shorts will look ridiculous. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. It is a proud moment to share that our gym has fostered many great friendships and many more. CrossFitters are unlikely to say otherwise. You can exercise with your cat in front of the television, which sounds awesome.


Yes, it is and we are coming for your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband/children and pets. You have a better chance if you join us. We have warned you, your only option is to act or die.


You get what you pay, as is the case with many things. CrossFit should provide professional coaching, extensive programming and a supportive atmosphere. These things are more valuable than the monthly fee of going to a gym that has a lot of useless equipment and no qualified staff. They have a great alarm system that sounds when someone works out too hard. It’s not about judgment, but safety. You are obviously reading this because your fitness is a huge success.


Yes, maybe. But probably not. CrossFit can be a powerful workout. Amazing things happen when the right people are involved. YouTube videos can be made by the wrong people. There are many good coaches and trainers out there. But there are also many that are just plain bad. No matter if you’re in Crossfit or not. You’ll see results if you have one of the great Crossfit coaches. They will likely be encouraging you to do many functional movements and help you get results. They will be joined by many others if they’re really good at it. They are probably just dragging you around with a clipboard and three sets of 10 clips. They shouldn’t be paid for with your time or your money. Go back to your cat or to someone who will train people in six months.


Firstly, it’s diverse, not random. Random leads to… well, who knows? It wasn’t random. But it was carefully planned progression and variety that led to the desired goal. CrossFit detractors rarely have done more than a handful of CrossFit workouts. They don’t have much to go on.

You can get hurt from almost any activity. As many injuries have I seen in CrossFit, bodybuilding, powerlifting and running as in CrossFit. All of these injuries occur when someone does too much of something good and/or fails to pay attention to basic advice such as progression, rest, and safety first. Accidents can happen in any type of program. CrossFit gets a lot of sensational press due to its popularity. Did you know that Professor X from BSU causes thousands of injuries each year? It’s not an amazing program, and no one cares.

Fitness programs can be compared to food. You can read reviews, but you have to actually taste it before you decide if it is good for you. Results are achieved when you take action. You will be more likely to do something you love if you do it often. CrossFit might be something that interests you. Get on the internet and give it a try. Find something else, and get moving. You can also adopt another cat.

This post was written by Darryl Johnson, Co-Owner of Apex performance. At Apex performance we are a community of highly trained experts looking to provide performance enhancement and a permanent lifestyle change for our clients in a fun and interactive environment. Members can take advantage of one of the best gym in Tampa, small group classes and specialized courses for a wide variety of athletics, sports training and body goals!