Can You Whiten Your Teeth After Having A Root Canal?

Endodontic therapy, also known as root canal therapy, aids in treating the tooth’s diseased nerve. Dental abscesses, excruciating toothaches, extreme tooth sensitivity, and tooth discoloration are all caused by the death of injured or diseased nerves. If you recently had a root canal, you might need a grin transformation and start looking for teeth bleaching advice to get brighter, whiter teeth. Monterey Park, CA dentist can help you!

What Causes Discoloration of Teeth After RCT?

After receiving root canal therapy, various variables can discolor the teeth, though not all treatments cause discoloration. However, if the pulp tissue is still in the tooth, it may eventually decay and cause discoloration. Because a portion of the pulp is situated in the pulp horns, which resemble any passageways splitting away from the tooth’s center, it is easy to miss the pulp in a tooth.

In addition to any prescribed medicines, leftover filling materials can discolor teeth. However, the deceased dentin inside the tooth is the most frequent source of discoloration.

Are Root Canal Procedures Required?

Removing the diseased and injured pulp during root canal therapy helps save the tooth from amputation. A particular root filling helps return the tooth to its initial condition after cleaning the canals. Whether the tooth can sustain a new crown or filling will determine how long it will continue to operate.

Dental Care for Discolored Teeth

During root canal therapy, the possibility of the dentin hardening over time persists after the pulp has been removed from the tooth. However, there are alternatives that you can take into account for the discolored molar, including teeth whitening near me.

How Do Dental Professionals Whiten Discolored Teeth?

The teeth-whitening process is completely secure and efficient. The whitening substance is first applied by the dentist, who then covers it with a cotton pellet. The teeth must be sealed in order to stop leaking.

A dental crown or veneer that covers the tooth’s exterior is another advantageous choice. As they are wrapped around the teeth and are made of porcelain or metal, crowns reinforce the tooth’s structure. Because dental crowns resist discoloration, dentists typically advise having one fitted over the fixed tooth.

As was already stated, the likelihood of discoloration is significant if the doctor leaves any pulp in the tooth after performing the root canal. Your teeth may have become discolored due to medicines, fillings, or residual necrotic dentin. Whatever the cause, there is a way to whiten the chipped teeth. You only need to look for a dentist who offers the right care to whiten teeth even after receiving root canal therapy.