Can I Replace Refined Sugar With Quality Maple Syrup?

Maple syrup is a popular organic sweetener claimed to be nutritious and healthier than sugar. So, many people ask whether they need to replace refined sugar with natural maple syrup and….is it healthy. 

What’s maple syrup made from?

Maple syrup is the sap got from maple trees. North Americans have been consuming it for centuries. More than 80% of maple syrup supply across the globe is currently made in Eastern Canada [Quebec]. 

Maple syrup production comprises two steps

  1. A hole is drilled in maple trees and its sap is collected inside a container.
  2. The collected sap is boiled to evaporate the majority of its water leaving thick sugary syrup. It is filtered to eliminate the impurities.

The sugar content in the concentrated sap increases from 2% to 66%. The color also gets darkened to a familiar golden brown. 

Maple syrup grading

Maple syrup grades differ from one country to another. In the US, it is classified as A or B. Grade A is sub-categorized into light, medium, and dark amber. Grade B is the darkest available syrup.

Nutrition information

Maple syrup is high in calories comprising 12 gm. sugar in one tablespoon. A single tablespoon includes –

  • Calories 52
  • Fat 0 gm.
  • Fiber 0 gm.
  • Protein 0 gm.
  • Carbs 13 gm.

Vitamins are extremely low or nonexistent. There are a few minerals including copper, zinc, calcium, iron potassium, and magnesium. Its glycemic index is approximately 54 in comparison to refined sugar at 65. It means blood spike after eating maple sugar is slow than refines sugar. 

Maple syrup offers potential health benefits

Maple sugar is plant-based, so rich in antioxidants. Oxidative damages caused because of free radicals that trigger premature aging are neutralized by the antioxidants. Some health benefits of antioxidants and nutrients available from maple syrup are given below.

Lowers cholesterol

Scientists discovered that maple syrup has no cholesterol. In an animal study, maple syrup reduced the cholesterol level as well as showed the potential of preventing liver inflammation. 

Enhances brain health

The study is just emerging but findings reveal potential benefits. It prevents tangling, clumping, and misfolding of certain brain cell proteins. These deformations are connected with neurodegenerative disease development. Animal studies connected syrup to lengthen lifespan with Alzheimer’s. 

Prevents manganese deficiency 

Maple syrup is high in manganese and helps to treat and prevent manganese deficiency issues. Rare disorders like compromised wound healing and abnormal skeletal development are prevented. 

Maple syrup risks

Increase diabetic problems

Sugar content in maple syrup is high, which can spike insulin levels and worsen the diabetic condition.

Tooth decay

Bacteria that trigger tooth decay survive on sugar in your mouth. More sugar consumed means more chances of dental cavities development. Concentrated maple syrup can cause tooth decay. 

The maple syrup diet is popular as a quick weight loss regime. Pop star Beyonce likes food but does crash diets for a fortnight. She survives detox drink that consists of maple syrup blended with water, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper. 

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