Breast Asymmetry: Key details & consulting a plastic surgeon in San Diego

Our bodies are constantly changing, but we are also born with different physical features. As a woman, you may feel more conscious when both breasts don’t look the same, which is also called breast asymmetry. While minor differences are fine, breast asymmetry is more of a concern when one breast differs drastically from the other in terms of size, volume, and form. The good news is cosmetic surgery has come a long way, and there are numerous treatments available for the concern. You need to schedule an appointment with a plastic surgeon in San Diego at the earliest to discuss details. Here’s more about breast asymmetry in detail.

What causes breast asymmetry?

It is not unnatural for body parts that come in pairs to differ from one another. However, regarding breasts, aesthetics is often a more significant concern. It could be related to uneven development during adolescence or changes related to pregnancy, breastfeeding, and obesity. Botched plastic surgeries in the past, infections, and medical complications can also cause breast asymmetry.

Options to fix breast asymmetry

  1. Breast augmentation: Surgery is often considered the most effective way of fixing breast asymmetry. If you want the other breast to look like your bigger breast, augmentation surgery could be an option, while in other cases, you can consider a breast reduction surgery too. Plastic surgeons often rely on fat transfer augmentation surgery to achieve the desired look. The procedure involves adding fat from one body part to the smaller breast. If you wish further to enhance the size and shape of your breasts, you can consider implants.
  2. Be careful with breastfeeding. While breastfeeding is good for you and your baby, it could be a reason for breast asymmetry. If your child has been feeding on one breast that has become sizably bigger, change the breast until you see symmetry. If you are using a breast pump, you can always use the same idea to avoid breast asymmetry.
  3. Do the right exercises. For minor breast asymmetry, you can rely on chest exercises to help fix uneven sizing. Talk to your doctor or gym expert about the best routines to suit your body type and desired goals. Certain lifestyle modifications can also come in handy. 

With surgery, you have better ways to address breast asymmetry. Ensure that you understand the details before agreeing to the procedure. Your plastic surgeon will explain all relevant aspects, including maintaining results after the surgery.