Tooth Replacement Options in New York, NY: Why You Should Not Leave Teeth Gaps Unaddressed

Dentists work to save their patient’s teeth, but tooth extraction is still necessary in some cases. If your dentists recommend extracting your tooth, there are many teeth replacement options you can choose from. You and your dentist in New York, NY, must discuss the best option for you. 

Why the Space Left After Extraction Must be Filled

After tooth extraction, you may leave the gap left unfilled instead of addressing it, particularly if the tooth is at the back of your mouth. While you can save money by not getting a tooth replacement, this can cost you more over time. Missing teeth can present issues that get worse the longer the empty space in your mouth stays.

Eating can become uncomfortable because of the gap. Also, the surrounding teeth can shift towards the gap to try to fill it in. Teeth movement can affect the appearance of your smile. Finally, you may lose bones at the site of your missing tooth. Bone loss can make it hard or even impossible to get certain tooth replacements. 

Popular Teeth Replacement Options Following Extraction

Once your tooth is extracted, your dentist will assess your oral health. This includes examining the bone mass at the site and the location of the tooth. This information helps them recommend the best tooth replacement option for you. Here are some of the options you can consider:

  • Dental implants. Dental implants often mimic the appearance and function of natural teeth. They are surgically placed at the site of the missing teeth and prevent bone loss. The implant will fuse naturally with your bone, ensuring a lasting bond.
  • Partial dentures. This tooth replacement option replaces a missing tooth with a gum-colored plate worn at the top of the mouth. Your dentist will customize the replacement tooth to align with your missing tooth. Partial dentures don’t feel or look as natural as dental implants, but they are more affordable. 
  • Fixed bridges. A fixed bridge remains in the mouth. They can only have a short lifespan when not properly cared for. Your dentist will file down the teeth that surround the gap. As healthy teeth require grinding down for your bridge, there is a need to replace the bridge with a similar kind of dental hardware.

If you are considering getting a tooth replacement for a missing tooth, you should schedule an appointment with your dentist. Your dentist has more options for you than the options mentioned above.