Tips for Keeping Your Whitened Teeth That Way After a Professional Treatment

Having your teeth whitened by a professional is fast and produces noticeable results. When you have pearly white teeth, you feel better about yourself and aren’t afraid to show your grin off. Inadequate maintenance might cause tooth bleaching to lose its luster. Discoloration or stains on the skin’s surface can be caused by factors such as diet, age, and lifestyle choices.

Here are some suggestions to help you preserve the results of your professional teeth whitening procedure.

Stay Away From Dark-Colored Meals

Whitened teeth can become discolored again if you regularly consume foods and drinks that stain easily. Your teeth are always exposed to anything you eat. It’s best to steer clear of intensely colored foods and drinks, like:

  • Black and red beverages
  • Carbonated beverages with a dark color, such as dark juices and sodas
  • Sauces that are dark in color include soy sauce, barbecue sauce, and crimson pasta sauce.
  • Beets
  • fruit like berries and grapes
  • Pure cocoa liquor
  • Foods high in sugar and acidity

If you really must consume these, you should probably use a straw to lessen the amount of time they spend in contact with your teeth. You should immediately brush or rinse your mouth if you eat something that could stain your teeth.

The state of your dental hygiene needs improvement.

Maintaining good dental and oral hygiene after teeth whitening is essential for avoiding re-staining and discoloration. Brushing twice daily and flossing once daily are recommended for optimal oral health. To remove everything from your teeth, brush for at least two minutes.

Brush your teeth thoroughly by moving the bristles around in a tiny circular motion to clean all the tooth surfaces. Antibacterial mouthwashes, which you can use to gargle and rinse, are another line of defense against tooth decay and gum disease.

Establish a Routine of Checkups and Hygiene

Getting your teeth checked with a Tukwila dentist every six months will help keep your pearly whites in pristine condition. In addition to screening for plaque, gingivitis, and cavities, a dental cleaning will completely clean your teeth, much beyond what you can accomplish with a toothbrush and toothpaste alone. Expert dental cleanings also eliminate surface stains. Regular dental care, including two annual visits, is recommended.

Modify As Necessary

No matter how often you brush and floss, new stains will appear on your teeth. If you whiten your teeth and schedule touchups every 6-12 months, you can avoid the development of permanent stains and enjoy the benefits of your treatment for a significantly longer period. Inquire with your dentist about any maintenance procedures you can do at home.